Rockets launches on June 12!

Jerzy, here! To celebrate the release of our book, Anne and I made some linoleum block prints of characters from rocket history, and we're giving away prints of the crew of Zond 5, a mission that carried two tortoises to the moon and safely home!

Here's how to get one for yourself:

  • Snap a picture of Science Comics: Rockets in a book store or comics store on June 12 
  • Share the photo on Instagram or Twitter on June 12 with the #sciencecomicsrockets tag (we have to be able to find the photo, after all!)
  • Email us at with the address where you'd like your card sent
We'll even include a cute sketch of some of the other characters inside the card. They'll be sent out towards the end of June.

If you're in the Ann Arbor area, we'll be leading a presentation on how the book was made and signing copies at Literati at 7 pm. We'll also be signing copies at the Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival June 16 and 17!

Looking forward to seeing where the book lands on launch day!